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As part of a University highly committed in supporting transnational mobility, the Faculty of Humanities welcomes students from Europe coming on the Erasmus+ exchange via an inter-institutional agreement, and encourages the involvement of local students in European Study Abroad options, by giving full recognition to the credits gained whilst abroad as part of their degree.

The Faculty offers seven Bachelor programmes and ten Master programmes (see below), comprehending more than 14 000 students.

Bachelor Programmes

Master Programmes

Science of Cultural Property


History and Criticism of Art

Music, Theatre and Film




Modern Humanities

Philology, Literature and History of Antiquity


Historical Studies


Philosophical Sciences

Foreign Languages and Literature

European and Extraeuropean Languages and Literature

Liberal Studies In Communication

Publishing and Communication, Fashion Cultures

Human Science of Environment, Landscape and Territory 

Cultural Enhancement and Valorization of Territory and Landscape

The Faculty of Humanities is based in via Festa del Perdono 7 and coordinates five Departments, some of which are located in independent buildings (see the links below):


Erasmus departmental Coordinator


Cultural Heritage and EnvironmentENG [apre una nuova finestra]   

Prof. Maria Gabriella Cambiaghi  - Arts

Prof. Ghilla Roditi - Geography



Foreign Languages and LiteraturesENG [apre una nuova finestra]

Prof. Paola Loreto – English

Prof. Alessandra Preda - French

Prof. Laura Scarabelli – Spanish

Prof. Moira Paleari – German

Prof. Raffaella Vassena – Russian

Prof. Grzegorz Franczak – Polish

Prof. Camilla Storskog -Scandinavian Languages

Prof. Vincenzo Russo – Portuguese










Historical StudiesENG [apre una nuova finestra]


Prof. Giulia Lami – History

Prof. Irene Piazzoni  - Communication  (MA)

Prof. Davide Cadeddu - Communication  (BA)




Literary Studies, Philology and LinguisticsENG [apre una nuova finestra]

Prof. Martino Marazzi – Humanities


PhilosophyENG [apre una nuova finestra]

Prof. Elisa Paganini - Philosophy


The Faculty has Erasmus agreements with around 180 universities in more than 20 countries. By following the link through to the Partnerships page, you can see the list of our Erasmus bilateral agreements.



It is only possible to apply to the University of Milan via a reciprocal Erasmus agreement. Before you apply you need to check that your university/institution has an Erasmus exchange agreement with the University of Milan, and you need to ensure that it is with your department and at the correct level (e.g. Undergraduate or Graduate).

The basic condition to apply to the University of Milan as an Erasmus student is a regular nomination by your home university. Your home university should nominate you on the basis of your suitability for the programme, your excellent academic background and good level of proficiency in Italian.

You should also be currently studying in a similar area to the department of admission with a  sufficient academic background in their subject to enable you to take classes alongside regular degree students.

Please note that without a regular nomination you will be not accepted as an ERASMUS student at the University of Milan and you will not be entitled to request accommodation services.

As an Erasmus student at the University of Milan, you must apply through an online application and follow the enrolment procedure, as described at the page: http://www.unimi.it/ENG/relations/31234.htm


Language requirements

All Erasmus students ought to be sufficiently competent in Italian to ensure that their academic progress and ability to integrate socially while studying at the University of Milan is not hindered by language difficulties. The suggested minimum requirement for students undertaking full degree programmes at the University of Milan is B2 (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – CEFR).


Course Offer

Most Erasmus exchanges are subject-specific, so our agreements will normally be in one subject area. Nevertheless, you may choose courses within the whole Faculty independently from the department. Please note that there are some restrictions, and certain courses might not be open to Erasmus students.

The Faculty of Humanities offers a considerable number of courses in English, nevertheless the majority of them are in Italian. If your knowledge of Italian is below B2 you might rely on courses taught in English, or in other languages such as French, Spanish or German (offered by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature). As to the courses taught in Italian, some academic staff are prone to give Erasmus students the possibility to take exams in English. This is not a general rule, though, and must be verified beforehand.

All this said, it is your responsibility to research these possibilities to determine whether they represent good options towards your degree programme. Before you leave your country you should gather information about the course offer and reach an agreement with your faculty about the courses you will take in Milan.

To enquire about the courses you intend to take in Milan, you can either email your Erasmus Departmental Coordinator (see the list above) or get in touch with the Erasmus Office (erasmus.humanities@unimi.it).

For all information about courses and course programmes per each BA and MA see the following links (in Italian):

Course Catalogue for Foreign Languages and Literature (BA)      

Course Catalogue for European and Extraeuropean Languages and Literature (MA)

Course Catalogue for History (BA)

Course Catalogue for Historical Studies (MA)

Course Catalogue for Science of Cultural Property (BA)

Course Catalogue for History and Criticism of Art (MA)

Course Catalogue for Music, Theatre and Film (MA)

Course Catalogue for Archaeology (MA)

Course Catalogue for Philosophy (BA)

Course Catalogue for Philosophical Sciences (MA)

Course Catalogue for Humanities (BA)

Course Catalogue for Modern Humanities (MA)

Course Catalogue for Philology, Literature and History of Antiquity (MA)

Course Catalogue for Liberal Studies In Communication (BA)

Course Catalogue for Publishing and Communication, Fashion Cultures (MA)

Course Catalogue for Human Science of Environment, Landscape and Territory (BA)

Course Catalogue for Cultural Enhancement and Valorization of Territory and Landscape (MA)


NB: For course programmes you can also visit the page (in Italian): http://www.studiumanistici.unimi.it/files/_ITA_/Lettere/programmi1617agg15settembre.html.


Other courses available are those offered by the School of Language, Mediation and Intercultural Communication, which is an independent school outside the Faculty of Humanities. For further details see the following pages (in Italian. Click in the “dettagli” column for course syllabi)
    BA – MED
    MA – LIN

Foreign students may also attend courses delivered in English at the School of Linguistic and Cultural Mediation Sciences, namely the courses of English Language and of English and American Cultures. See the timetable of the School courses for their list and hours: http://www.scuolamediazione.unimi.it/CorsiDiLaurea/1989_ITA_HTML.html


Language course

The University of Milan organizes free Italian Language courses for Erasmus students, which will be held between October and December (for students arriving in the first Semester), and between February and April (for students arriving in the second Semester). Lessons usually take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

Each course lasts 60 hours and classes are grouped according to ability (beginner and intermediate levels). Students wishing to attend language courses should say so in their on-line application form.



For admission in September: 15.07.2016

For admission in February: 15.12.2016


Term dates

During the First Semester lectures start at mid September and end at mid December.

During the Second Semester lectures start at mid February and end at mid May.

For all details, see the Lectures timetables (in Italian).


Exams sessions

At the end of the First Semester there will be two exams sessions: one between the 9th and the 24th January 2017; the other between the 25th January and the 10th  February 2017.

At the end of the Second Semester there will be three exams session: the first between the 29th May and the 13th June 2017; the second between the 14th and the 29h June 2017; the third between the 30th June and the 14th  July 2017.

One last supplementary exams sessions will take place between the 1st and the 15th September 2017.


Academic Holidays

1st November (All Saints)

7th December (St Ambrose, Patron Saint of Milan).

8th December (Immaculate Conception)

Christmas and New Year's Day holidays: from 23rd December until 7th January

Ambrosian Carnival holidays (3 days, during the Carnival week)

Easter holidays: from Thursday to Wednesday, during the Easter period

25th April (Liberation Day)

1st May/Labour Day

2nd June (Republic Day)

15th August


Useful links

Library catalogues[apre una nuova finestra]
Includes access to digital resources and information on all Unimi libraries

Student Facilities: Accommodation, Canteen, Language courses, Students with disabilities, etc.

Checklist for Erasmus exchange students: preparing your stay, arriving in Milan, completing your stayà

ESN: the Milano Statale branch of the Erasmus Students Network

Study in Milan

Getting around in Milan


Useful contacts


For general administrative questions (including scholarship):

International Relations Office
Erasmus Section
Via Festa del Perdono, 7
I-20122 - Milano
Tel. +39 02 503.13507
Fax +39 02 503.13503
E-mail: indirizzo di posta mobility.in@unimi.it


To enquire about course offer and Learning Agreement:

Humanities Erasmus Office
Via Santa Sofia, 9
I-20122 - Milano
Tel. +39 02 503.13507
E-mail: indirizzo di posta erasmus.humanities@unimi.it
Opening Hours: Monday: 9.30-12.00- Tuesday & Thursday: 14.00-15.00.